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Chapter six, sections 1 and 2- Earth and Space Science

Energy derrived from hot rocks and/or/fluids beneath Earth's surface
Energy associated with the generation and transmission of the electricity
The chemical process of separation of matter into simpler chemical compounds
A combustible rock that had it's origin in the deposition and burial of plant material
A rotating machine or device that converts the mechanical energy of fluid flow into mechanical energy of rotation of a shaft
A resource that exists in a fixed amount or is used faster than it can be replaced in nature
Power associated with the generation and transmission of electricity
Fuel derived from materials (mainly coal, petroleum, and natural gas) that were generated from fossil organic matter and stored deep in Earth for geologically long times
Electrical power derived from the flow of water on Earth's surface
A physical and chemical processes by which an organism oxidizes glucose to release energy for metabolism at the cellular level
A chemical process by which certain kinds of matter are combined with oxygen
A resource that can be replaced in nature at a rate close to it's rate of use
Energy associated with the direct conversion of solar radiation to electricity
The process by which an atomic nucleus splits into two or more large fragments of comparable mass simultaneously producing additional neutrons and vast amounts of energy
A nuclear process that releases energy when lightweight nuclei combine to form heavier nuclei
A porous deposit of partly decomposed plant material at or not far below Earth's surface.