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Theatre Arts - 7th Grade

Portable objects used on stage to make a scene more believable
Standing on stage in such a away that you remain open to the audience is referred to as _____ out.
The person responsible for overseeing all the backstage elements of a production is the stage __________
The type of stage we use at DCMS (picture frame stage)
The clear and concise pronunciation of sounds and words
Actors audition for a 2nd time for a part in a play
The area of the auditorium where the audience sits
The process of choosing actors for particular roles of a play
Putting together all aspects of a character to make the role believable and realistic on stage
The feeling of nervousness before performing is known as stage ________
Character who opposes the protagonist
Clothing worn by actors to further the portrayal of a character
The speed of speaking
The final rehearsal before a performance is called a _____ rehearsal.
The off stage area to the right and left of the acting are on stage where actors wait until their entrance on stage
A play with a comical and/or light-hearted or happy ending
A serious play that usually ends unhappily
An actor who is prepared to take over an important role should the actor playing the role misses a performance
Acting through a sequence of facial expression, gestures, and movements and without using words.
The main character who is centered around all action of a script
A signal for an actor to speak or to move on stage
A small part for an actor that does not include speaking lines
A type of acting where the actor tries to identify with the character emotionally is called _______ acting
A work written to be performed by just one character
Acting without a script or rehearsal
Type of stage where the audience sits around all 4 sides
A character who represents a particular personality type of occupation is known as a _______character
Controlling the volume of the voice so it can be heard by the audience.
A type of play that contains both song and dance
Immediate knowing or insight without going through a logical process
Planning of actor's movement on stage
The person in charge of bringing a theatrical production together
A type of drama including tragedy and comedy
Actors portraying a character that is NOT like themselves is called casting by...
The type of stage that is surrounded by an audience on 3 sides
A still picture of actors on stage that represents an entire scene
A small segment of a play
Actors portraying a character much like themselves is called casting by...