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The Teaching of Science

The part of the lesson plan where the list of items to be used in the lesson are identified.
A plan for a single lesson
Objective that deals with muscular coordination and physical skills.
Teaching strategy involving free expression of ideas by students.
Teaching strategy where something is shown by the teacher to students.
Must be specific and behavioural
The section of the lesson plan where students' understanding of the content taught is checked.
Objective that deals with knowledge and understanding of concepts
The part of the lesson plan where the content taught is summarized.
Teaching strategy where students are taken outside the classroom to engage in a learning experience.
Involves primarily an oral presentation given by a teacher to students.
The part of the lesson plan where scientific skills to be practiced by students are identified.
Can be close or open-ended.
Broad statements that give clear direction to the science curriculum.
He wrote a taxonomy of educational objectives.
Objective that deals with feelings, interests, and attitudes.