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The Court interprets the Fourth Amendment by first deciding whether an action by law enforcement was a search. A search is when law enforcement looks through an area in which you have a reasonable expectation of _________.
______ circumstances is a term that means that the are particular circumstances (danger to life, etc.) which may mean that law enforcement can enter the premises without a warrant.
This is a term which means an intense chase--in which case, a limited search may not require a warrant.
These Constitutions can provide more, but never less, rights than the federal Constitution.
This can indict or bring charges against people.
This principle means that it is very, very difficult for government to censor the press before it has printed something.
The Third Amendment says that government cannot _____ troops in your home during peacetime.
The Second Amendment protects the right to do this.
A condition in which the reasonable person would not feel free to leave.
This Amendment protects a person from forced confession or other forms of self-incrimination.
Law enforcement must have probably cause to search or to make an ______.
This Amendment says that anything left out or not mentioned may still be a right
If you are subpoenaed to testify i front of a grand jury, prosecutors will usually offer you ___________ immunity, so that anything you say will not be used against you.
The Fourth Amendment requires this before a search.
The grand jury tends to be heavily influenced by the person in this office.
If you receive this time of government order, you have some discretion regarding what information to produce
Freedom of the ____ is guaranteed in the First Amendment.