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Constitution 3

Because of this Amendment, some of you may be able to vote in the 2020 election.
The Sixth Amendment guarantees the right to a fair and _____ trial.
After the 17th Amendment, U.S. Senators were elected by ______ vote.
These institutions initially elected U.S. Senators.
This clause of the Constitution means that states have to respect judicial decisions (divorces, contracts, marrriages) in othe rstates
__________ due process is based on the due process clause of the 14th Amendment, and includes rights such as the right to marry, the right to move among the lower 48 states, the right to refuse medical treatment, reproductive rights, and the right to education children as parents see fit.
Based on the 6th Amendment, you have the right to ______ your accusers.
The 22nd Amendment puts __________ on the President.
This was the purpose (or the general name) of the 18th Amendment.
An Amendment ratified in 1951 was in part a reaction to this person's presidency.
This is the number of states that must ratify an Amendment after it is passed by both houses of Congress.
The 16th Amendment legalized this tax, and required filing was two days ago.
The 24th Amendment prohibits levying a ____________ (or a charge to vote).
Based on Article IV, One state can ask another state to _____ a wanted criminal.
Because of the 23rd Amendment, people living here have representation in the electoral college.
In almost all cases, Amendments to the Constitution have been proposed and passed by Congress, and _____ by the states.
The 15th Amendment prohibits denying the right to vote based on _______.
In Article 6 of the Constitution, this clause states that the Constitution, treaties, and federal law are the supreme law of the land.
The 19th Amendment prohibited denying the vote to this group of individuals
This Amendment was designed to avoid the problems encountered in the election of 1800.
Several states had granted women the right to ______ before the nineteenth Amendment was ratified.
Article ______ details possible ways in which the Constitution can be Amended.
This was the only Amendment that was passed by state conventions (it repealed prohibition).
This was the only Amendment to be repealed.