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Exercise Science CH 5

the ability of the body to make adaptations that uniquely enhance performance in activities that are most similar to the exercise stressor.
changes in the body that occur after repeated training
An athlete's potential is limited by this factor
muscle mass appears to decline progressively with time.
Process larger muscles use to produce force
Increasing bone mineral density decreases your risk of this
capillary supply is maintained in spite of increases muscle size.
Type II fibers have a larger ___________ than type I fibers.
a phenomenon caused by inappropriate levels of volume or intensity
an increase in muscle size
When you are finished with your workout your body is depleted of these.
Symptom of overtraining
Testosterone and growth hormone
Occurs when a client quits a workout regimen
Process smaller muscles use to produce force
refers to the simultaneous activation of an agonist and an antagonist during a motor task.
A method used to prevent injuring and overtraining
They are the changes that occur in the body during and shortly after an exercise bout.