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Geometry Puzzle

Teacher: Ms. Warren
A triangle with 2 equal measures. One measure will be smaller or larger than the other 2.
A triangle with more than a 90 degree angle. Larger than right & acute triangles.
A triangle with 3 unequal sides. Each side has a different measure.
A statement that can be written in if-then form. If you give a mouse a cookie, then he'll want a glass of milk.
The "B" & "C" in proportions.
The two angles inside the triangle that don't share a vertex within the exterior angles.
The ratio of the length of the leg opposite angle (X)(opp) to the length of the leg adjacent to angle (X)(adj.)
Asserting that we know a mathematical concept is true. A chart showing A+B=C.
A line that intersects 2 or more lines in a plane at different points
A triangle which all 3 sides are equal. Each side has the same measure.
A triangle that has all angles 90 degrees or less. Smaller than right & obtuse triangles.
Forming a logical chain of statements linking the given to what you are trying to prove. If you throw a ball up, then gravity will pull it down.
If part of an "if then" statement
Angle formed by the line of sight & the horizontal plane for an object above the horizontal.
Formed by negating both the hypothesis and the conclusion. If you don't give a mouse a cookie, then he wont want a glass of milk.
The "A" &"D" in proportions.
An equation stating that 2 ratios are equal. A/B=C/D.
A triangle which measures 90 degrees.
The line from the center of the circle measuring to the edge. Half the diameter.