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To Kill a Mockingbird Crossword Puzzle

By: Lauren Rogers
What is the name of the county?
Who is the white man married to the black woman?
Whose house caught on fire?
What is the name of the mad dog?
Who is Miss Rachel's nephew?
Who is the alleged victim?
What is the verdict of the court case?
Who was Scout's first grade teacher?
How did the congregation of Calpurnia's church sing their hymns without hymn-books?
Who is Tom Robinson's wife?
What does Walter drown his food when he ate lunch with the Finch's?
What book was Atticus reading to Scout the night of the attack?
Who attacked Scout and Jem?
What is Scout dressed as for the Halloween pageant?
What was Mrs.Dubose "freeing" herself from?
Who killed Bob Ewell?
What is Tom getting charged with?
What is the name of Cal's church?
What is Scout's full name?
Who is the sheriff?
Which one of Tom's arms got shredded in a cotton gin?
Who runs the Maycomb Tribune?
How old was Jem when he broke his arm/elbow?
What nickname did Jem and Scout find out Atticus had?
What is Jem and Scout's aunt named?
What is the name of the old lady battling the morphine addiction?
What did Boo stab his dad with?
Who was the reverend at the First Purchase?
What is Maycomb's disease?
Who is Cal's oldest son?