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Civics - 1.9 - Rule of Law

Chief Cuddeback

Name: _______________________________
_______ Amendment, right to remain silent
Independent __________ is the principle that decisions from the courts are fair and impartial and are not influenced by other branches of government
An excellent teacher of Civics
__________ Amendment, citizenship
______ of Law is the concept that those who govern must follow the laws and the no one is above the law
A legal process determining if someone is guilty or not guilty
A legal member of a state and / or country
___________ Amendment, unreasonable search and seizures
____________ juries are a group of citizens sworn to give a fair verdict
_______ Amendment is the right to a speedy trial
A formal written request made to a person in authority
To carry out effectively
___________ Amendment, cruel or unusual punishment
A rule established by government or other source of authority