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Life Science Review 1


The environment where an organism lives
The stages of growth that an organism goes through in its lifetime
An animal that has a backbone and dry, leathery skin or scales, breathes air with lungs, and lays eggs or gives birth to live young
An animal that does not have a backbone
A characteristic that is passed from parents to their offspring
An animal that is hunted, caught, and eaten by another animal
An animal that has a backbone
A species that could become extinct very soon
The seasonal movement of animals from one place to another
Something an organism does
A structure or behavior that helps an organism survive
An animal that hunts, catches, and eats another animal
An organism that gets energy by eating other organisms
The small, wormlike stage in the life cycle of some insects
An animal that eats only plants or plant products
A behavior that an animal develops by observing other animals or by being taught
The stage in the life cycle of some insects when the organism changes from a larva to an adult
A deep sleeplike state when an animal's body processes slow down
An organism that makes its own food
The changes in form that some insects go through during their life cycle
An animal that eats other animals
The shape, color, or pattern of an animal that helps it blend in with its surroundings
An animal that has a backbone and lives in water when it is young and on land when it is an adult
An animal that eats both plants and animals
An animal that has a backbone, and hair or fur, breathes with lungs, gives birth to live young, and feeds milt to its young
The young of an insect that undergoes incomplete metamorphosis