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Life Science Review 2


Plant structure that hold a plant in place and take in water and nutrients from the soil
The plant organ where photosynthesis occurs to make food for the plant
The joining of an egg cell and a sperm cell
The part of a plant that holds the leaves up to sunlight and moves water, nutrients, and food through the plant
A powdery material in flowers that contains sperm cells
All the living and nonliving things that interact with each other in an environment
The transfer of pollen from the stamens to the pistil of a flower
All the organisms of the same species that live in the same place at the same time
The sprouting of a plant from a seed
The movement or transport away from the parent plant
The male part that produces pollen in a flower
A long tube that grows up from the ovary in a flower
The part where seeds are made
A seedlike structure that produces a new plant
A plant or animal structure in which egg cells develop