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Economics Terms (Ch 6-9)

A type of illegal market that sells goods above their legal price
A price ___: the maximum price for goods or services
A market with no competition
When there are excess goods to sell
An event or condition which threatens people's well-being
A business owned by stockholders and which can act like a single entity or person
The "ceiling" or limit of a woman's rise in her occupation
A system in which people receive only a limited amount of supplies
A share of ownership in a company
The law that prevents discrimination against workers with handicaps
A sole __ is a business owned by one person
The ___ wage is the lowest legal wage a worker can be paid
When the amount of goods available is less than the demand for them
The money a worker gets in exchange for labor
A condition of balance; a condition of two sides in agreement
Past working age
A legal agreement between two or more people
A loan with interest which companies or governments make to investors for interest
An inventor's right of sole ownership of his creation
Someone who spends money in hopes of gaining money
A secret between competing companies to cooperate
An artist or writer's sole right to sell their work
When one business buys another
a __-collar worker is unskilled or semi-skilled
Extras provided by employers in addition to pay
A labor __ is a group that works on behalf of employees to be sure they are fairly treated
The same or nearly the same
Price ___: the lowest (minimum) price for goods or services
A business owned by two or more people
A period of hard economic times
A familiar symbol that identifies a product
The investor's share of a company's profits
Agency in charge of workplace safety and health
When a few giant companies control a segment of business
Change that makes things better
A market with only a few sellers and a standardized product
A ___-collar worker is an office or professional worker
A seller's promise to fix their product if it does not work
A part, section, area, or division of something