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Stalk where stigma sits on top
Tall stalk of the stamen
In seed plants, chamber inside which megaspores form and develop into female gametophytes after fertilization, this chamber becomes a seed
Lignin-stiffened tissue that strengthens and protects older stems and roots
Diploid spore forming body that forms in a plant life cycle
Pollen ______ is a walled, immature male gametophyte
Delivery of a pollen grain to the egg-bearing part of a seed plant
Sticky region of the carpal specialized for receiving pollen
In seed plants, a haploid cell that gives rise to a female gametophyte
Have vascular tissue present, the sporophyte is predominant, pollen grains, naked seeds and water is not required for fertlization
Haploid gamete-forming body that forms in a plant life cycle
Secreted covering at a body surface. in plants it is waxy and helps conserve water
Hold gametophyte in place for mosses
Have no xylem or phloem, the gametophyte is predominant, water is required for fertilization and they are seedless
Thrive along streams and roadsides, stems contain silica, sporophyte has rhizomes and hollow stems with tiny nonphotosynthetic leaves at the joints
Captures pollen and produces eggs
Fossil fuel consisting primarily of carbon rich remains of seedless vascular plants
Plant that grows on the trunk or branches of another plant but does not harm it
Club ________ are common on the floor of temperate forests, the roots and upright stems with tiny leaves form from a rhizome
Often brightly colored part of the flower
Deciduous plants that shed their leaves at the end of their growing season and spend the winter leafless and dormant
Consists of an embryo sporophyte and food to support it, enclosed within a protective coat
A specialized reproductive shoot
Has adjustable pores in a plant cuticle
Ancient lineage, modern gymnosperms that have flagellated sperm
Flattened, ribbon like gametophytes, fertilization of eggs that form on the gametophyte body produces a zygote that develops into a tall, horn-shaped sporophyte, most closely related to vascular plants
Vascular tissue that distributes dissolved sugars
Most diverse gymnosperms, woody trees or shrubs with needlelike or scalelike leaves
Include welwitschia mirabilis and ephedra
Holds tow pollen sacs of the stamen
Have vascular tissue present, the sporophyte is predominant, pollen grains, seeds form in a floral ovary that becomes a fruit and water is not required for fertlization
Oldest living plant lineage, reproduce sexually by producing sperm and eggs in umbrella-like structures that grow from the surface of the flattened gametophyte
Vascular tissue that distributes water and dissolved mineral ions
Seedless _________ plants are sporophyte predominant, have vascular tissue, require water for fertilization, and are seedless
Compound that stiffens walls of some cells in vascular plants
In seed plants, a haploid cell that gives rise to a male gametophyte
A lineage of land-dwelling, multicelled, photosynthetic eukaryotes
Flower's pollen producing parts
Most diverse and familiar lineage of seedless vascular plants
Pollen _____ of seed plants, chamber in which microspores form and develop into male gametophytes
Cluster of spore-forming chambers on a fern frond