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Earth Science Review-Space


The study of objects in space and their characteristics
Nearly round bodies whose orbits cross the orbits of other space bodies
A natural object that orbits a planet
A mountain-sized chunk of ice and dust that orbits the sun
Pieces of rock that break off of asteroids and travel through space
A sun and all the objects that move around it
An object that orbits a planet
The regular changes in the way the moon looks from Earth
Energy from sunlight
One complete trip of a planet around the sun; one year
A group of millions of stars
A large space rock that orbits the sun
Meteoroids that reach Earth's surface
The path that one object in space takes around another object in space
A tool for observing distant objects
An object in space that produces its own heat and light
A group of stars that ancient people thought formed a picture in the sky
The spinning of a planet or moon on its axis; one day
A large object that orbits a star
The force that pulls objects toward each other
The star in our solar system that provides heat and light
The galaxy that our solar system is part of
A meteoroid that burns up in Earth's atmosphere, causing a streak of light (shooting star)