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Topic 9 Vocabulary - Algebra II (starts on page 388!)

                                    Name: ___________________
                                    Period: __________________
                                    Date: ____________________
To ______ is to use knowledge or information for a specific purpose, such as solving a problem
Radical expressions that have the same index and radicand are called ____ radicals
A way to display or describe information. You can use a(n) _______________ to present mathematical ideas and data.
To ___________ the denominator of an expression, rewrite it so there are no radials in any denominator and no denominators in any radical.
The number under the radical sign in a radical is called a(n) ________.
A(n) __________ is a set of statements put forth to show the truth or falsehood of a mathematical claim
For a rational ________ - If the nth root of a is a real number and is an integer, then a^(1/n) and a^(m/n) = (n√a)^m.
The ________ form of a radical expression with index n is one where there are no nth power factors in any radical and the denominators are all rationalized.
When a number has two real roots, the positive root is called the _________ root.
Explain with logical reasoning. You can _______ a mathematical argument.
If a^n = b, with a and b real numbers and n a positive integer, then a is an nth ____ of b
A conclusion that follows from previously stated ideas or reasoning without being explicitly stated is called a(n) ___________.
With a radical sign, the _____ indicates the degree of a root.