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Algebra Review Puzzle #23


Algebra Teacher: ___________________________
Using an object to act out an event that would be difficult or impractical to perform.
An error that results in a misrepresentation of members of a population.
The average of the absolute values of differences between the mean and each value in a data set. It is used to predict errors and to judge equality.
The square root of the variance.
A sample that includes members of a population that are easily accessed.
An arrangement or listing in which order is important.
Two or more simple events.
Data are from responses given by a sample of the population.
A variable with a value that is the numerical outcome of a random event.
Two or more events in which the outcome of one event does not affect the outcome of the other events.
A graph or table that shows the theoretical frequency of each possible data value.
The statistics of a sample are used to draw conclusions about the population.