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Economics Terms (Ch. 10)

Sending work outside of the local company, for example, to another country
A refusal to buy something in an effort to change a company's mind
A neutral third party who helps opposing sides reach an agreement
Workers ___is payments made to workers who are injured or disabled on the job
Stopping work in order to receive better pay or conditions
A court order preventing some action
When both sides of a disagreement give and take
When management closes the doors to workers until an agreement is reached
Something that is extreme
A worker's complaint
Workers' attempt to inform the public of their complaints using signs
Collective ___is labor and management working together to reach an agreement
Higher pay for work done beyond 40 hours a week
The process in which two opposing sides agree to sit down with a mediator
An ___ shop is a place where a person can work without joining a union
Non-union replacement workers who cross picket lines and work