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New Frontiers in Biological Anthropology

Chimpanzee who learned to use this language
New mothers often display this pattern of speech
Phenomenon of a single gene having multiple phenotypic effects
Study of human remains in an archaeological context
Abbreviation for encephalization quotient
Important bone found at Kebara Cave
Significant indicator of lake and waterway "health"
How many die per year
Size differences between males and females
Specialized field of biological anthropology concerned with issues of health and illness
Rachel Carson's Silent Spring.
After death
Genetic makeup of an individual
Before birth stage
Human/mankind prefix
Onset of a girl's first menstrual period
Events from death until rediscovery of a fossil hominin/murder victim
Examples: typhoid rate, flu rate per year
Psychological disorder causing extreme loss of weight in some young women--especially in USA
Science of human growth and development
Factors found in all normal Homo sapiens
Hole at base of skull for spinal cord
Brain-to-body size ratio
Mitochondrial DNA
Old age
Human universals like sensory processing, basic emotions, and consciousness
At/around time of death
Study of refuse/trash
Can't sing or keep rhythm
Old or ancient prefix