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Old Testament Review

Number of plagues
Chosen by God to lead Israelites out of Egypt
First Man created by God
Wife of Abraham, mother of Isaac
Son of Abraham, Father of Esau & Jacob
Father of our Faith, Asked to sacrafice his son
Last meal had the Night the 10th plague passed over Egypt.
12th son of Jacob, Sold by brothers, had a bright colored coat
Took over for Moses, Led the Israelites into the promised land
Moses brother
Number of years Isaelites were in the dessert
Built an Ark
Moses' Sister, Delivered baby Moses to Pharaoh's daughter to save him
First King appointed by Samuel
Musician, Shepherd, King. Killed Goliath with stone
Last Judge, He was promised to God by his mother, Last Judge before Israels first King Saul
Number of Judges that helped the Israelites follow God's will
Sent by God to help Israelites stay true to God examples: Elijah, Mica, Isaiah
Tricked his brother Esau out of his birthright with a bowl of soup