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Texas Leaders

4th Grade Social Studies

As an astronaunt, I studied bone density and performed more scientific experiments on my mission than had been done before.
Dallas retailer whose family started the Neiman Marcus stores in 1907.
Unfortunately, due to Black Codes, I was unable to attend medical school in Texas. However, through this misfortune, I discovered my great talent for singing.
I served as chief of staff in two White Houses and as secretary of state. Today, an institute of public policy is named for me at Rice University.
I was the first African American elected to the Texas Supreme Court and am currently its chief justice.
I was the first African American woman to represent the South in the U.S. House of Representatives.
I was the heroic general of the Texas Revolution and later the first elected president of the Republic of Texas.
I am a representative from San Antonio who fought for equality in public housing, education, and health care.
I was speaker of the U.S. House longer than any other person. I served from the Wilson to Kennedy administrations.
I am a famous Tejano singer who grew up in such poverty that my first guitar was made from rubber bands and nails. I am known as the "Lark of the Border."
I am a pioneer in open heart surgery. I credit my skill as a surgeon in part to my mom teaching me how to sew and knit.