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Geography Unit 1 Crossword 1.2

Animals that rely on plants as their food source.
Half of a sphere or globe, especially the earth.
Description of a place in relationship to other places.
Forest or trees that lose their leaves as winter approaches.
Any form of transportation that is available to the public.
A species at risk of becoming extinct.
The flow of people, products, information, and elements of nature.
Lines that divide a map into squares, with numbers along the top and bottom, and letters along the sides.
An area with at least one characteristic that is common throughout the area.
Fishers that fish with small boats relatively close to the shore.
Removal of ore by digging directly into deposits near the surface.
Forest of trees with needles that drop their seeds in cones.
Fishers that fish the deeper waters, using larger boats, and more powerful equipment.
A population shift from the countryside to cities.
The mark that humans leave on the earth's surface.
An area through which one physical region gradually gives way to another.
The irregular growth of a town or city over a larger area.
An area drained by the waters of a river system.