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World History

Where the industrial revolution begin in the middle 1700s.
A large Japanese financial and industrial corporation.
Stephenson's first railway line.
India's "Great Soul'
Organized an independence movement in Senegal.
Protest organizations, mostly founded by this group, emerged in Kenya.
Popularity known as "Lawrence of Arabia"
Refusal to obey laws considered unjust.
President of Mexico from 1934 to 1940
Mexican artist who used his work to promote a national spirit.
1916, declared its independence from Ottoman rule.
For many, this oil company was a symbol of Mexican independence.
What was the first steamboat called?
The capital and largest city of Iran
Argentina was controlled by an...
Deliberate mass murder of a particular racial, political, or cultural group.
Worked on first steam boat.
An empire that included parts of eastern Europe, The Middle East, and ended after WW1.
After this massacre, most of the communist leaders went into hiding in the city.
civilians formed extremist patriotic organizations, such as this society.
Delayed the adoption of new methods of production.
A person who is especially skilled at an art/craft.
President Kemal was popularly known as...
System in which people invest money to make profit.
A movement that stressed the unity of all Africans.
Mao made effective use of these tactics.
He was convinced that the Chinese revolution would be driven by the poverty-stricken peasants.
Name of ancient Persian language.
The Cárdenas government seized control of these fields.
England made this illegal in 1833?
Workers who smashed machines they thought were putting them out of work.
Christian minority group that was targeted by the Ottoman Turks.
Became Iran in 1935.
A region in northeastern China
Controlled the major groups within Mexican society.