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Physical Science Review-Electricity and Physical/Chemical Changes


A path that is broken and charges cannot flow
A change from one form to another form without turning into a new substance
The red or orange coating that forms on the surface of iron when exposed to air and moisture
To act with a force that drives or keeps away something
A complete pathway of conductors that electrons flow through
Be on fire
A material that allows heat energy or electricity to pass through it
The movement of heat between objects that touch each other
To become decomposed; to rot
to draw by a force causing to approach or adhere
A change that produces a new substance
An electrical circuit in which the devices are connected in one continuous loop
A path along which electric charges can flow with no breaks in the path
A form of energy that is produced when electrons move from one place to another place
A device in a circuit that slows the electric current but does not stop it
To form a solution with another substance
A material that does not let heat energy or electricity pass easily through it