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Civil War

A doctor who performs operations, such as cutting into the body to remove a bullet, or removing an infected leg.
A tight bandage used to stop bleeding
This food was preserved in salt water and could last for a very long time.
A special order by President Lincoln that freed slaves in states that were fighting against the Union.
The Union finally defeated the Confederacy and won the Civil War under his leadership.
The side that fought to keep the United States together as one country
Large, heavy guns like cannons were called this.
A long blade fastened onto the rifle
Union spies watched enemy movements in these.
A dry biscuit made of flour eaten by the Union soldiers.
A root used to make a coffee-like drink.
Allowed armies to move quickly, especially in the North
The part of a nation at war that is home to those not fighting the war.
The side that fought for freedom to leave the United States.
Site of one of the most important battles of the Civil War
The South was the first to use this to communicate over long distances.
A violent protest
The selection of people to serve in an army whether they wish to or not.