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Air Pollution and the Environment

By Caroline Loving
New legislation brought out in 1991 ensures that these have to be fitted with catalytic converters
Mexico has lots of this, reforms have been made to help it
The government has done this to help stop the air pollution
When doing this you are taking in a considerable amount of soot particles
Low ______ cover with hot weather prevents air pollution
Because this happens the car gives off lots of pollution
To reduce pollution the government as moved these out of the central valley to reduce smog and pollution
Mexico City's air is overall this to breath
Unsafe to breath
Lack of this also caused pollution
By reducing this everyone will be able to breath easier
Rapid _____ led to crowding and so much pollution
In 1988 the general law of ecological balance and environmental protectionestablished that federal authorities must execute ___ ___ programs in areas under their jurisdiction
Mexico blank has some of the all-time worse pollution
A main contribution to air pollution in mexico
The government introduced this to curb pollution
Mexico City is surrounded by mountains so there is less of this, making pollution worse
Government has managed to completely _____ olefins from LPG