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Music Minutiae

The marking that makes a specific note a half step higher.
The octave.
A fourth of a half note.
The marking to tell musicians to emphasize a single note.
A group of two players performing together.
A group of two performers.
The notation that tells a musician to play two separate notes as one single note.
The notation to let players know to play two notes as if they were one.
The second highest part in musical pieces.
Italian word meaning "to get slow"
The notation to tell players to slow down.
A small double-reeded instrument often mistaken for as a clarinet.
A metal double-reeded instrument similar to the sarrusophone built like a saxophone.
An instrument made with a mix of brass and woodwind features.
The abbreviation of the website for Christians who post recordings of hymns.
A song or melody.
The abbreviation for the Christian music group who publishes hymn recordings online.
The fifth syllable of solfège.
The fifth syllable of solfège.
Italian word meaning "delicate."
To play gently.
The most important note in a chord, usually the bass note.
The most important note of a chord, usually the bass voice.
Symbol to denote silence.
Denotes silence.
The fourth syllable in solfège.
The fourth syllable of solfège.
Italian word for "detached" meant to mark notes as separated in music.
The lowest voice in music.
A musical group of 8 players.
An additional performance after the primary performance, typically decided by audience applause.
A syllable often used by marching percussionists to keep time.
The Italian word for "and," usually in the saying "and all."
Not written in any key or mode.
An acoustic string instrument from Spain, included in most pop music.
The symbol on the end of the staff that notates the pitch of notes.
A short musical piece typically used for warming up.
A song or melody.
The structure of a musical piece.
The Italian word for "agitated."
The tonal center of a piece.
The dynamic marking for "present."
Meaning "and," part of the Italian translation to "and all."
An instrument originating in Spain.
An extra performance given at some concerts, usually decided by the audiences' enthusiasm.
Without tone or key.
The lowest musical voice.
The notation that tells you if certain notes are sharp or flat.
The abbreviation of a re-recording.
The Italian word meaning "present."
A set of 8 players.
The structure music follows.
A syllable used by percussionists, normally during marching, to keep in time.
The notation to denote how low or high a part is.