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Linguistics Chapter 10-13

Sociolinguistics who study the multiple variations and of dialect and structure in a language.
Competence in two or more languages.
Variation within a language.
A type of sociolinguistc pattern which finds that women use more standard or prestige forms than men.
Competence in more than three languages.
An utterance that has performative function in language and communication.
When one sound becomes more like another sound.
Involves the use of two languages in a community.
Occurs to a language when there is no native speakers of the language left.
The retention of forms which are used by a large number of speakers.
Process of High level language becoming the standard language.
The retention of forms which are morphologically simple.
Process where participants adjust their language according to the speech style of another participant.
The way in which meaning is produced and understood in context.
The study of geographical differences within the same language.
Switching between two languages or vernaculars.
A change in language that occurs when the functions of one language are taken over by another.