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Chapter 12 Chemistry Part 2

Alkaline substances used to neutralize acids or raise the pH of many hair products
A chemical combination of matter in definite proportions
An atom or molecule that carries an electric charge
A stable physical mixture of two or more substances
The substance that dissolves the solute and makes the solution
Chemical reactions that can release a significant amount of heat
Rapid oxidation of a substance
Special types of oil used in hair conditioners, water resistance lubricants foe the skin and nail polish dryers
Oil droplets are emulsified in water
Compounds that contain carbon and evaporate easily
Substances that allow oil and water to mix
An ingredient that brings two normally incompatible materials together and binds them into a uniform and fairly stable compound
Water droplets are emulsified in oil
An unstable physical mixture of two or more immiscible substances
Unstable physical mixtures of undissolved particles in a liquid
A physical combination of matter in an proportions
Having an affinity for or an attraction to fats and oils
Sweet colorless oily substance
Alcohols that evaporate easily
Liquids that are not capable of being mixed together to form stable solutions
Liquids that are mutually soluble
The substance that is dissolved into a solution