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Home Means Nevada Crossword

This nickname is the official state slogan of Nevada. It recalls that Nevada was admitted to the union in 1864, during the Civil War.
The name Nevada comes from a Spanish word that means ________.
With an average of 201 sunny days per year, this town is the sunniest town in Nevada.
Largest county of Nevada.
Governor of the State of Nevada.
The last name of a man remembered most for buying s Senate Seat and who left his last name to the County the Las Vegas calls home.
The Biggest Little City In The World.
State Capital of Nevada.
In Death Valley, the ________ Rat can live its entire life without drinking a drop of liquid.
Though Nevada is nicknamed 'Silver State', it is actually the largest producing state in the U.S of this precious metal.
60,000 pounds of this seafood is consumed a day in Las Vegas — higher than the rest of the country combined.