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Intro To Law Midterm

Teacher: Susan Middleton-Poole
The threat of immediate harm
Type of complaint filed by Defendant who has claims against Plaintiff arising from the same situation
Public figures must prove this additional element to be able to recover for defamation
These Good ________ Laws relieve doctors from liability for ordinary negligence when rendering medical aid in an emergency
What defendant must file after being served the Summons to Appear by Plaintiff
Special damages awarded when an intentional tort results from gross negligence or careless disregard for others
A person intending to hurt a person can be found guilty of battery for unintentionally harming a 3d party under the Doctrine of ____ Intent
The omission to do something a reasonable man would do or doing something a reasonable, prudent man would not do
Bartenders are held liable for injuries caused by patrons served too much alcohol under statutes called ________ Shop Acts
A successful Defendant can sue the original Plaintiff for malicious prosecution by proving the original suit was
Type of Hosts that are liable for injuries caused by guests served alcohol who later cause injury because they are intoxicated
Oral testimony given by a party or witness that is transcribed at an attorney's office is called a
When a Justice disagrees with the outcome of a case, this type of opinion is written setting forth the reasoning for the opinion
Under Strict Liability all in the ______ of distribution are liable irrespective of fault
Type of imprisonment that is actionable
A neutral third party who assists parties in settling their dispute
Interference with a landowner's right to exclusive use of his land
A body of rules of action or conduct prescribed by controlling authority and having legal force
Initial filing by Plaintiff to get suit started
The court having jurisdiction nearest to where the incident occurred or the parties live is the