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Art Appreciation Chp. 1,2,3,4,5,6

the flat surface of plane that the artist organizes the picture in
a point on the eye-level line, toward which parallel lines are made to recede and meet in perspective drawing
the space and point of view for a picture, as determined by the picture’s horizontal and vertical borders
a technique of creating the illusion of depth on a flat surface
Two colors directly opposite each other on the color wheel, in extreme contrast with each other
a way to show three-dimensional subjects on a two-dimensional surface, using two vanishing points and two sets of converging lines to represent forms
the diminishing of color intensity to lighter and duller hues to give the illusion of distance
The property of color that distinguishes one gradation from another and gives it its name
colors that result from a mixture of two primary colors
Those hues in which yellow and red are dominant; located on the left side of the color wheel
an element of design concerned with the degree of lightness of colors
Colors produced by mixing a primary color and the adjacent secondary color on the color wheel
variations in the darkness and lightness of a color made by adding black to the color
a technique in which the artist places an object lower in the picture plane to make it appear closer to us than another object that is placed higher
the enclosed areas or objects in an artwork
the space not occupied by an object or figure but circulating in and around it, contributing to the total effect of the composition
Those colors in which blue is dominant; found on the right side of the color wheel
a horizontally drawn line that is even with the viewer’s eye. In landscape scenes it can be the actual horizon line, but it can also be drawn in still life