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To Kill a Mockingbird Crossword

By Siara Gossen
What is the name of the town?
What is Atticus' profession
What is really in Mr. Raymond's bottle?
How many friends does Mayella have?
Who did Jem's snowman look like?
Who arrives to live with the Finch's?
What is Dills name?
Scout's teachers name.
Where do Jem, Scout and Dill sit during the trial?
What is Mr. Raymond's problem?
What type of flower did Dill cut down in Dubos yard?
Which of Mayella's eyes was bruised?
Who teaches Jem and Scout to shoot?
What illness did Tim Johnson get?
What does Jem buy for Scout?
Who is the prosecuting attorney?
What book did Jem read to Mrs. Dubose?
What is Jems name?
Who brought the mob to their senses?
Atticus is skilled as what?
Whose house does Dill dare Jem to touch?
Who is Rose Alymer?
Was Tom Robinson proven guilty?
What is scout's name?
Scout's cousins name
Whose house burned down?
What did Jem buy himself?
What is Boo Radley's name?
Who is Scout 'engaged' to?