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Civil war crossword puzzle

Conflict between citizens of the same country
State on the border between the north and south
A strategy of bringing war to the entire society not just the military
Decree issued by president Lincoln freeing enslaved people in those parts of the confederacy still in rebellion on Jan. 1,1863
Theory that individual states are independent and have the right to control their most important affairs
A person who dies for a great cause
To officially leave an organization
Refusal to give in
Stream or smaller river that feeds into a larger river
A system of selecting people for required military service
Armed pro-slavery supporter who crossed the border from Missouri to vote in Kansas
Placed within a trench for defense placed in a strong defensive position
A soldier who is killed or missing in a battle
A warship equipped with iron plating for protection
The side or edge of a military formation
A legal order that guarantees a prisoner the right to be heard in court
Paper money issued by the united states goverment
Person who is running away from legal authority
The period of rebuilding the south and readmitting southern states into the union
To formally join a military force
The granting of a pardon to a large number of persons
Laws passed in the south just after the civil war aimed at controlling freed men and women and allowing plantation owners to take advantage of African american workers
A place to store weapons and military equipment