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World War II

Japanese bombed pearl harbor. this lead to the US joining wwII
Japan hoped to draw all Americas fleet from Pearl Harbor but US knew and was ready for the ambush and won
Agreement to allow Germany to control Sudetenland
Roosevelt and Churchill agreed on this for free trade among nations and right for people to choose their own government
The severe economic slump, stock markets crashed, greatly effacted the US
US attacked Japan base and forced Japanese to retreat
Spanish general who after got help from Germany and Italy, agreed to stay out of wwII
Alliance with Germany, Italy and Japan during wwII
After France fell to the Germans, he controlled the government exile in London
Land conquered by Germany throughout Europe that could be used as "living space"
Hitler sent a crack german tank force, Afrikan corps, under control of this person
Led American troops in Morroco and Algeria and crushed Afrikan corps
Chamberlain gave into hitler (the aggressor) in attempt to keep peace in Europe
Politician who boldly promised to rescue Italy by reviving its economy and rebuilding its armed forces
10 year agreement of no fighting between Hitler and Stalin
Created nazi party and was the leader of Germany who also tried to take control of Europe
British prime minister who would not give into Germany
Political movement that emphasized loyalty to the state and obedience to its leader
Where Hitler announced his plans to absorb Austria and czechoslovakia
Allies wanted to push toward victory in Europe and attacked Normandy