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Rumble Fish Conclusion

Name: _________________________
What was the one thing Rusty was afraid of?
Who shot the Motorcycle Boy?
What did Rusty and Steve try to steal?
What happened to Rusty as a result of the fight with Biff?
Who did the Motorcycle Boy see in California?
Why did the father get drunk and leave Rusty alone?
Local hangout
Rusty drinks this at the hangout.
Older brother's girlfriend
Main character, Rusty _______
Older brother, ________ Boy
How many days was Rusty left alone when he was 3 years old?
Best friend
Where did the Motorcycle Boy break into?
Fought with Rusty, Biff ______
Rusty stole these.
What did the Motorcycle Boy call the Siamese fighting fish?
What did Rusty James wear over his Tee Shirt
A word to describe Rusty's Dad.
What did the older brother do to Biff's wrist after the fight?
Who wanted to pay Rusty $5 to beat up a kid?
He would be the tough guy on the block if not for Rusty
What almost killed Rusty James?
Rusty's girlfriend