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Psych. Chapter 10 Module 25

Name ____________________________________
The difference between the starting situation and the goal is determined and then steps are taken to reduce the difference.
The tendency to consider all of the information available, even when it is irrelevant.
Believing to be on this causes people to make riskier decisions, even though the chance of success is no better than usual.
The error of believing specific conditions are ore probable than a single general one.
Picture-like representations that stand in for objects or events.
The most general form of a type of concept.
An example of a concept that closely matches the defining characteristics of a concept.
The process of solving problems by combining ideas or behavior in new ways.
The tendency for people to persist in using problem-solving patterns that have worked for them in the past.
When the solution to a problem seems to come to mind suddenly.
Mental activity that goes on in the brain when a person is processing information.
Problem-solving method in which one possible solution after another is tried until a successful one is found.
An example of a type of concept around which other similar concepts are organized.
Belief that the chance of something occurring depends on whether it has recently occurred.
A person starts from one point and comes up with many different ideas or possibilities based on that point.
The tendency to search for evidence that fits one's beliefs while ignoring any evidence that does not fit those beliefs.
A concept that is defined by specific rules or features.
Tendency to be more sensitive to actual or potential losses than to gains.
Ideas that represent a class or category of objects, events, or activities.
An educated guess based on prior experiences.