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Biology End-of-Course Review 2

Author: Orleans Parish Public Schools
An invader tag.
The cause of a communicable disease.
An organelle that digests.
Reduction of heat transfer between objects of differing temperature.
A product of respiration.
An ecosystem hunter.
Bamboo is this kind of resource.
Maximum population size of the species that can be sustained. (2 words)
Gene splicing is an example.
Protection from disease acquired from the mother.
A nonnative species that that spreads.
A communicable disease caused by a virus that affects the immune system.
The earliest stage of a multicellular eukaryote development.
The stuff of cell membranes.
A compound is recycled in the environment in all three phases of matter.
Nitrogen loving bacteria have a ______.
Cells with genetic material enclosed in a membrane.
A change in gene frequency in a species over time.
The number of meiosis chromosomes.
Another word for innate behavior.
Engulfs and digests cellular debris and foreign substances.
Transport of materials across a membrane that does not require energy.
The cell splitting final phase of mitosis.
Organization of different species.
Permanent change of the nucleotide sequence in the DNA of an organism.
A solution at the same concentration as the cell contents.
Leaves the atmosphere through photosynthesis. (2 words)
A cell formed when two gamete join.
Vaccination creates this type of immunity.
Cell energy carrier.
Humans have a ____ chambered heart. (number word)
Behavior that attaches an offspring to a parent.
An organism that is a genetic duplicate.