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5th Grade Motion

A force that requires two objects to touch. Like a ball hitting another ball.
Law of inertia. An object will resist a change in its motion.
Energy that an object has stored as a result of its position (high up)or chemical composition (battery).
The tendency of an object to resist a change in it's motion.
The force of attraction between any two objects.
An object with greater mass requires a greater force to change its motion. More force = more motion.
A push or pull that acts on an object.
To change from one form to another.
Energy due to motion.
A set of things working together as a whole.
The amount of matter in a solid liquid or gas.
When objects exert forces on each other those forces are equal and opposite.
The back and forth motion of an object.
A force acting at a distance without touching, like gravity or a magnet.
Equal forces that combine to work on an object in opposite directions.
The rate at which the speed or direction of an object change.
The force that results from two materials rubbing against each other, or that prevents things from sliding.
To do work or cause change.
The amount of space an object takes up.