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Palm Sunday

Author: Salsa
Palm Sunday celebrates Jesus' triumphal entry into this city
Requests. Whoever __ Jesus 2 B saved will B. Romans 10:13
Skeptical. Roman soldiers were __ of Jesus' popularity
Inter. Roman soldiers tried to __ Jesus, but He rose from the grave
Lawbreakers. While we were yet __ Christ died 4 us. Romans 5:8
Sanctuary. Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem & entered the __
Jesus' birth cut history into BC & __
Burial linens. The only thing in Jesus' tomb were __ (2 words)
Exist. 2 __ or not 2 __, that is the ?
Was it far for Jesus 2 walk from Jerusalem to Bethany?
Enigmatic. Jesus' resurrection was miraculous & __
Noble. Ironic name of Jesus' death day, __ Friday
Shifted. Many who waved palms __ against Jesus & cried "crucify Him!"
Only ladder to heaven. Christ bore our sins in His own body on the __. 1 Peter 2:24
Waving palm branches on the Mount of Olives, people praised Jesus saying __ in the Highest!
Decide. Whether I trust in Jesus' sacrificial death will __ my fate
Soot. __ Wednesday begins Lent
Messiah hailed with Hosannas
Resurrected. Sign over Christ's tomb says, "He is __"
Hill. Jesus rode a donkey down the __ of Olives
Head skeleton. Golgotha means Place of the __
Declare. Some __ there is no resurrection, I Corinthians 15:12, but Jesus said, I am the Resurrection! John 11:25
Putdowns. Passers-by yelled __ at Christ on the cross. Mark 15:29
Soaks up. A good soul __ Gospel Truth
Easter & Jewish feast of Easter exodus
Merits. Jesus' sacrificial death __ my salvation
Jesus' crucifixion site
Soaks up. A good soul __ the Gospel Truth
Roman ruler put Jesus on trial
Resurrection Sunday
Not 9th. Palm Sunday is the __ day of Nissan
Paths. All religious __ don't lead 2 Heaven. John 14:6, Acts 4:12
Vacant. On Easter Jesus' tomb was found __
Remedy. The cross is the only __ 4 sin
Leave out. If I __ Jesus I can forget Heaven