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2 words that mean nearly the same as each other
The author's message to the reader
3 lines that rhyme
Author's purpose is to give information
Genre that is meant to be read of performed out loud
An extended narrative poem celebrating the feats of a hero
Gives living features to something nonliving
Form a conclusion by combining text clues and background information
A passage extracted (taken out) of a larger piece of text
2 lines that rhyme
Literary device repeating consonant sounds in words
2 words that mean the opposite of each other
When someone says the opposite of what they mean or
Alphabetical list at the end of book (topics, names)
A unit of meaning that can stand alone
Dictionary in back of book with words used only in that book
Author's purpose is to give please
A short poem with 5 unrhymed lines
Units of meaning that can be added to roots and base words
Retell the most important parts in a text
Poetry with no rhyme scheme or meter
A line with 2 or more having same 1st sound
Author's purpose is to give detailed descriptions
Literary device repeating vowel sounds in words
Author's purpose is to convince
A unit of meaning that cannot stand alone
A Japanese poetry style, usually written about nature- has 3 unrhymed lines of 5,7, & 5 syllables