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Biology 21ch22 Test

Euglena uses this for locomotion
Cell engulfs solid particles with cell membrane
Euglenas, amoebas, sporozoans
Ciliated protozoan
Clams, snails, octopus, nautilus
Blueprint of the cell
Parasitic worm found in pork meat
Earthworms, sea worms, leeches
Annelids are ___ worms
Jellyfish, sea anemones, hydras
Snail's scraping mouth organ
Shipping center of cell: _____ apparatus
Protects internal organs by secretion of shell
Freshwater coelenterate
Phospholipids make up the cell ____
Protozoa are ____ organisms
Sporozoans are ____ protozoa
Sessile invertebrates without a nervous system
Energy carrier of the cell
Pinocytosis is defined as cell ____
Self-destruction of old cells
Cytoplasm is the ____ medium of the cell
Protozoa that uses pseudopods to move about
"power plants" of the cell
Snails, slugs, conchs
Non-parasitic flatworm
Parasitic worm found in soil
Facilitated diffusion is a form of ____ transport
Echinoderms are characterized by ___ skin
Corals live together and form vast reefs of _____
Little organs
Rigid structure OUTSIDE of the cell membrane of plant cells
Hollow, rodlike girders that compose the "skeleton" of the cell
Nucleolus manufactures ____
Colorful marine slug with exposed gills
Cephalopod with external shell
The ER involved in the manufacturing of proteins
Body structure of an adult jellyfish