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WWII Crossword - cp

Country Germany first targeted
Another name for the Tuskegee Airmen
This American General vowed "I shall return" to his soldiers he abandoned in the Philippines
Japanese Americans, Nisei, were sent to these
Sytematic murder of 11 million people - 6 million Jews
Operation Torch was the code name forthe invasion of Axis countrolled North __________
German "lightning warfare" first used in Poland
The invasion of Nazi occupied Europe - Normandy
Japan was defeated at this Battle after its plans of attack were intercepted
This prime minister signed the Munich Pact
Fascist leader of Italy
The leader who transfromed the Soviet Union from a rural nation to an industrial power
The Battle of the __________ was first successful for German force because they caught the Allies off guard.
Sonar, radar, convoys helped the Allies win this Battle of the _____
This Pact led to Poland being divided between Germany and the Soviet Union
Who won the Battle of Britain
The first death camp liberated by the Allies-Soviet Union
When the word 'auxiliary' was dropped unit women gained benefits along with their rank and pay.
General Patton led American troops that liberated this capital of France from German occupation
This conference was attended by Stallin, Roosevelt and Churchill - determine fate of Germany
German air force
This was the place the 2nd atomic bomb was dropped in Japan by the United States
Night of the Broken Glass - Jewish businesses, homes and synagogues destroyed
The allied invasion of Europe commanded by Dwight D Eisenhower
Roosevelt's Vice President who became President after Roosevelt died in office
After the fall of France, he set up a government in exile in Britain
Victory in Europe
The pact Churchill opposed - felt it was dishonorable and didn't want to give Hitler more land
The 1st atomic bomb dropped on this Japanese city
This project was the best kept secret of WWII - code name for the development of the atomic bomb
This person takes power of Germany in 1933
Many Nazi leaders were defendants during these trials. They were charged with war crimes, crimes against humanity and peace
Deliberate extermination of a specific group of people, practiced by the Nazis
Bombing of Pearl Harbor by this country led to the United States entering WWII
Britain and France submit to Hitler's demands