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China 1st

To set rules to make things more similar
Therapy that uses needles to cure sickness and stop pain
C - long wall running east and west along the Chinese empire's northern border
Religious practice of honoring spirits of the dead
Person who holds a government job
C - a period from about 481 B.C. to 221 B.C. of great conflict in ancient China
C - A philosophy of following the Dao that is the natural way of the universe
Total disorder and confusion
Wall to hold back water
To ban dangerous or offensive ideas or remove material from published works or prevent its publication
Animal bone or shell carved with written characters that used to predict the future of ancient China
A picture that represents a word or idea
Single person or group who controls the production of a good or service
Devotion of children to their parents
C - in ancient China, the right to rule, given a dynasty by heaven, the highest force of nature
Style of food
Representative of a government sent to another country
A protective coating made from the sap of a special tree
Art of beautiful writing
C - series of trade routes that crossed Asia
The people who work for a government
A dust-like material that can form soil
Military ruler
A tool to measure earthquakes
C - a belief system based on the ideas of the Chinese thinker Confucious
General study of knowledge
C - an ancient Chinese philosophy stating that a strong leader and a strong legal system, not moral values are needed to create social order