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Bible Books

Wrote most of the NT letters
First book in the NT
Queen who saved the Jews from Genocide
He wrote many of the Psalms
NT section books that tell the life of Jesus
Book of wise sayings
Prophet who ended up inside a fish
He wrote a book of prophecy and was in a lion's den
Jeremiah's lament over Jerusalem
Tells about the exit from Egypt
Books of sacrifice laws
Prophet who anointed David, and 2 books in the OT are named for him
Minor Prophets are called "minor" because they are ___
Wrote 3 short letters in the NT, and one Gospel
Paul wrote 1 letter to him, about the church
Wrote 2 letters in the NT, that bear his name
OT section where you find Psalms
First book in the Bible
Book named for the general who led them into the land
History book in the NT
Paul wrote a letter to this master of a runaway slave
Book of Prophecy in the NT
Last book of the OT
Shortest Major prophet
Dramatic prophet who saw wheels in wheels
Paul wrote 2 letters to him
Often called the weeping prophet
Writer of the first 5 books of the Bible
Wrote the book of Acts
This book has the same number of chapters as the Bible has books
Major prophets are called "major" because they are ___
Great grandmother of King David