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Civil War Crossword Puzzle

 To Mrs. Smith, U.S. History teacher. 
Crossword by Samih Amador
The Southern States ended up seceding from the Union, and first up was _ _.
Between the Northern and Southern forces in the Civil War, there could only be one side winning, and it was the _.
Battle of _; In Dec. 13, 1862, Ambrose Burnside attacked in 14 different ways, none of them successful, and then got fired after the battle
A Civil War Battle that lasted for a week, and was named because of this; 7_ _
Battle of _; Occurred after the Battle of Bull Run in Apr. 6-7, 1862
One of the greatest series of battles that affected U.S. History
Battle of _; the battle was an opportunity to prove South Carolina had some strength...
The full (except the middle) name of a U.S. Military General in the Civil War
Battle of _ _; Also known as the Monitor and The Merrimac in the Civil War, this battle occurred in Mar. 9, 1862
The final battle of the Civil War, on May 13, 1865, took place in _ _, Texas.
There were 4 candidates competing for President of the U.S.; Abraham Lincoln won, of course, but he "preferred", and was, part of the _ party.
Battle of _; a battle that lasted 14 days, and based off of how to infiltrate a strongly protected base in Mississippi
Battle of _; A battle in May 2-4, 1863 where Lee had a costly victory, surpassing a disadvantage (lack of army members)
The Last name of the president at the time; the 16th president of the U.S.
Battle of _; a major (but also surprising, for Lee) battle in Jul 1-3, 1863
Battle of _; a battle that lasted 17 days, cleverly utilizing 8,000 lbs. of gunpowder to blast a hole from underneath
People/soldiers on the side of the United States were part of the _ forces
Battle of _; A guaranteed victory for the South due to the North not being well-managed; one of the Civil War battles.
Battle of _; During Sep. 17, 1862, this battle was an opportunity for the South to take over lost territory in the West, and switch to the offensive.
The other opponent to the United States in the Civil War, known as the _ forces.