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Black Like Me Vocab List 1

In response to his joke, the girl started to ______ in delight.
The ______ areas in Upper have been transformed into wonderful new parks.
Kevin was known for his ______ because his grandpa taught him right from wrong at a young age.
I called my sister last night, and all we did was _______ for an hour.
Many people consider Jane a _______ because she is always looking for a reason to hate any group of people unlike herself.
A _____ of sunlight reflected in his eyes and made her smile.
Several women held signs outside of the White House in protest of gender _________ in the workplace.
The money that the criminal tried to give to the sales clerk was _____.
Public facilities in the 1950s were _______.
My neighbors were making a loud ______ this morning and woke me up.
I took an ________ to help with my painful cramps.
The nightly news story was about the _______ of the abducted children.
Jeremy did not own much, he almost always went to bed hungry, and he lived in the _______.
I am ______ to the idea of cliff diving, for it seems dangerous.
The smell of smoke began to _______ the car as the driver lit up his cigarette.
There was a lot of _______ in the bug city during the loud parade.
Erin is an _____ supporter of the our tennis team. She never misses a match.
Sara always looks like she is staring off into _______ in her economics class.
My little sister always likes to ______ me because she thinks it's funny, but I think that it's annoying.
Shelby had a _________ relationship with her boss until she started showing up late for work everyday.
I like how the fancy restaurants _______ the plate with a piece of parsley.
Trey will __________ the game store at least once a week to visit with the workers and check out the latest games.
The courts in California do not have _____________ over the case, for the crime took place in Ohio.
The ________ family was able to afford to buy a new car and take a tropical cruise vacation all in the same summer.
I try not to _______ others, for I know that I have made several mistakes in my life too.
It is more common to see _______ children now than it would have been before the Civil Rights Movement.
The siblings have a strong ______ because they are close in age.