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Civil War: Toward Secession and War

Name of the Fort where the Civil War began.
This Compromise law would have required Kansas and Nebraska to be free states, if it had not been repealed.
The name of the new, anti-slavery political party to which Abraham Lincoln belonged.
This Act said Kansas and Nebraska would be determined to be slave or free by Popular Sovereignty, or a vote of the people there.
The Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which says the government cannot take away someone's property.
The first state to withdraw from the Union; also the state where the Civil War began.
What southerners said their states would do if Lincoln were elected.
Name of the abolitionist who attacked proslavery settlers at Pottawatomie Creek.
The nickname given to Kansas because of the violence there between the proslavery and antislavery factions.
The number of southern states that withdrew from the Union between the time of Lincoln's election and his inauguration.
The last name of the slave who said he should be declared free because he lived in a free state.
People from this free state moved into Kansas to influence the vote on whether it would be a slave or free state.