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Africa and its Music

The continent of Africa is surrounded by _____________ on most sides.
Africa is the second _____________ and 2nd most populous continent.
A cyclone is like a ______________.
Africa has 3 very high _______________________ peaks.
Music is the ____________________ of the community.
_____________ bells are an African instrument.
Music in Africa is essential to religious meetings and ________________.
A wood drum made of goat skin is a _________________.
The second-most common language of Africa
K'naan is a still-living musician from ___________________ in Africa.
An African instrument related to the harp
The most noticeable element of African music is ________________.
There are 54 ____________ in Africa.
There are over 1500 ________________________ spoken in Africa.
The most common language of Africa
Africans use music to celebrate historic ______________ and holidays.
Madagascar is actually a big ______________.