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Physical Science Ch15 Test

Converts electrical impulses into sound waves
Rate of charge flow
Converts electricity to back-and-forth motion
Does not allow easy flow of electric current
Ohm is the SI unit of ____
A circuit with a gap that does not allow electrons to cross
Automatic switch that opens a circuit when current exceeds predetermined amount
A parallel arrangement increases ____
4 factors affecting resistance: type of material, length of object, _____ of object, & temp
Amount that an object hinders electron flow
The SI unit used to measure the "force" with which an electric current flows
Group of electromagnetic cells connected as a single source of electricity
Uses electromagnets to communicate across long distances
A series arrangement increases ____
Light-emitting diode
Materials that allow electrical current to pass through with NO resistance
Ampere is the SI unit of ____ flow
Electric discharge lamp produces light by passing an electric current through a long tube filled with mercy vapor
Generator that uses fluid as a moving conductor
The "force" with which an electric current flows
Produced by electron friction
Voltage and current are ____ proportional
An incandescent lamp produces light by heating a ____
Electrical switch operated by an electromagnet
Filed magnet, armature, slip ring are all part of which generator
Uses electromagnetic induction to increase or decrease the voltage of AC
Uses electromagnetic induction to produce electric current
Semiconductor that emits light when a direct electric current is applied
A device designed to open or close a circuit
Houses a small metal strip that breaks to stop excessive current
AC flow in ____ directions