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Shakespeare: The Legacy

Shakespeare was born and died in this month
The Bubonic _____
After the Reformation, many people became _____
She was on the balcony
Shakespeare's father was the elected _____ of his hometown
Because he invested his money, Shakespeare was able to _____
Shakespeare's family was awarded a _____ (three words)
Shakespeare's favorite writer
Shakespeare's wife was _____ Hathaway
Canons started the theater on _____
Macbeth takes place in this country
Venus and Adonis was Shakespeare's famous ____
Shakespeare's hometwon
Shakespeare invented many _____
A storm and a famous play
Famous Queen of England
_____ Caesar
Shakespeare's father was fined for not paying his _____
1623 collected works of William Shakespeare
A person who performs in a play
Shakespeare's father was a _____, a man who makes gloves
Handsome young male character
Shakespeare's famous theater was called The _____
Important river in London
_____ Shakespeare
A religion that Shakespeare may have been a part of
Age that Shakespeare married
One who writes the plays. Shakespeare was a famous _____
Shakespeare wrote in the _____ language
Holy _____ Church
Huge city in England
Shakespeare's fancy home was called _____
Shakespeare's wife was _____ years old when they were wed.
Two of Shakespeare's children were _____; they have the same birthday!
Famous King of Great Britain
Shakespeare was often just called The ____